MadCatz pro stick for ps3 work on PC?


i want to get the ps3 stick bc thats tournament standard where i’m at and i’m not sure if it will work on my PC (where all my fighting games are)
anybody have experience with their ps3 PRo stick working on their PC? looking to capitalize on the madcatz sale and i want to be sure


this is the stick i’m referring to


Works perfect with my PC in Windows 7 64bit


Works perfectly for me as well in Windows 7 64bit


the madcatz guy on facebook told me it wouldn’t…hmmmm


Does anyone know how to get this stick to work on 360?
I’ve found loads of tutorials for the 360 version to play on ps3 but not the other way around. is it the exact same?


My experience tells me that one should avoid PS3 sticks when playing on PC, Ive had countless issues but mostly with early versions of the PS3 PCB.


I had no issues with Hori sticks, the issues mostly steamed from older Mad Catz sticks. Although Mad Catz fixed the issues they will not grantee PC compatibility.
Also some newer Hori Xbox 360 sticks are having issues with PC.

Rule of thumb, most retail sticks are not designed or intended for PC use.

Many of the 3rd Party PCBs like Toodles boards, the Cerberus and so on are fine on the PC.