Madcatz Products to Canada?


Does anyone know how to get madcatz products to Canada? I’m interested in purchasing a bezel, and would like to get one of the TE stick keychains, but they don’t ship here, and I can’t find an online retailer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well I know that Gamestop sells TEs/SEs, I don’t know about the parts yet though.

I’m sure Amazon will eventually start stocking the parts. you think?

I went looking all over Vancouver for a pad controller and simply couldn’t find one anywhere. I also asked if they had sticks and every place was sold out. I don’t think a lot of product got created/shipped up here.

That being said, I just ordered Hori EX2 stick off because it was only 17 bucks more then the pad. I didn’t notice any specific parts or keychains on amazon, but its worth having a look.


I was there, they have sticks and what not, but no partses, and now the keychain promo is basically over. I don’t understand why a company doesn’t ship to canada in this day and age.

Yeah, I’m also interested in getting a bezel, so hopefully Markman checks in here.