Madcatz PS3 fightpad question

How are they? I plan on getting one to use on my PC, and I just a whole bunch of mixed reviews on amazon. Do the buttons really give out as common as they made it seem?

In my experience, they work really well ( I prefer a stick ). I can pull off pretty large combos with them without too much of a problem but I think the DPad is inferior to the PS3 DPad. The DPad on the fightpad seems more like the 360 DPad and it doesn’t give good accuaracy imo.

Because you’re playing on PS3 and not 360, I wouldn’t say you need to purchase a fightpad but if you feel that you play better on a saturn type pad, then it goes without saying that it would be a good buy for you.

I have fightsticks… I love them and I don’t really prefer to use controllers, but my sticks won’t work on my PC, and I heard the fightpads do, and since I really just plan on playing my PC for fun more than competition I don’t feel the need to invest in a new stick.

with a few drivers you can get your ps3 controller working on the pc… funny, I’m looking into purchasing the Nyko Core for PC use. only $20 at Best Buy. Plug and Play no drivers needed, 9ft wired. How is the d-pad? I’ve yet to find out myself. I read a review somewhere it may not be the best for fighting games. But I’m willing to give it a shot as I can no longer trust d-pad reviews completely… Some people claim the DS3’s d-pad is bad, where it is the best d-pad i have ever used in my life.

I’ve got my Dualshock 3 working on my PS3, but it had to be plugged in and I want to go wireless. I plan on hooking my laptop up to my tv and playing on my couch. Can’t do that easily with a 6 ft USB chord. My stick won’t work on my computer. I’ve done lots of research. The SE stick won’t work with Nvidia USB cards for whatever reason. No fix for it.

Yes, they break every other month. We’ve been through 12 of them since sf 4 came out. Believe all the reviews that say the same thing. If you play by yourself, once a week for maybe an hour or two i guess you’ll be good for 6 months. My advice would be to get this Buy Fighting Commander 3 (black) (PS3?) -

Can’t you just buy a seperate PCI-card USB interface instead? They’re only about $15 so it would save you a lot of money. - Koutech PCI to USB2.0 Card Model IO-PU520

Nope. I only have a laptop. I’m stuck with that. That controller looks good but I really want something wireless…

i’ve seen a bunch of 3rd party wireless controllers for ps3, no clue if they will work on pc, but my guess is it’s possible and potentially easy to set up if it’s got a usb dongle.
I avoid the wireless stuff because i hate dealing with batteries. Logitech Rumblepad 2 got some good review i think… check that out, also $20