MadCatz Question - damaged pcb?

After getting a stick wired up with a 2008 #4316 madcatz pcb, everything is working… almost. The ‘X’ button works, but only sometimes. It almost seems as though there is a lag on the button. The picture is kind of blurry, but the solder job I did on it is actually one of the better ones, so I don’t think that is the problem. Here is a pic of that:

There is one other possibility - I did fuck up the signal contact for the ring of light. I have no idea why but for whatever reason, the solder did not want to stick to that contact. I tried to heat it but ended up burning it, and I can’t get a signal off of that point now. Here is a pic of that:

Is it possible that I damaged the inside of the pcb where I burned the ROL contact at the exact point where the ‘X’ button signal is? I tested with my multimeter from the ‘X’ button signal on the pcb to the ground, and I have a fuckload of resistance. Is there any hope for this pcb?


All I’m trying to figure out is whether or not there is some other point on the board for me to get a good ‘X’ and ring of light signal… or if there is any method for repairing points on a board that were burned.

On my first pcb hack I tore up the right button pretty bad to where it wouldn’t work. If you trace the little line from where the button is, you can actually find the small ‘node’ that it leads to - a little ring with a hole in it. You can scrape the surface of either the highway or the ending node for a fresh mounting point.

My medium kick is actually jacked in from all the way by the dpad, where it’s final node is haha.

Also, have you checked to make sure that you are getting a ground wire connection as well?

EDIT.1) I can’t tell from the pics, but make sure your soldering for the button signals isn’t overlapping the button ground too. Such a problem would result in radical behavior of the offending button.

thanks for the response!

yeah the pictures aren’t that great, took them with my camera. i’ll check that today when i get home from work, but i am pretty sure that i didn’t overlap any of the solder onto the ground on any of these connections, least of all the X button… i thought i did a pretty good job on that one.

only other thought i had was that maybe the hot glue is still on the contact? to do the test i mentioned earlier, i had to remove the hot glue i put on top of the X button. I used a hair dryer to slowly heat it, then just pulled it up in one lump. that was when i noticed i couldn’t get a connection between the ground and that point. i am certain that ground connection is good though.

well if all else fails, i will do like you said and look for other nodes or possibly scrape at the board where the signal goes.

does it matter if you scratch the copper when scraping off the black stuff? I’m using a razor blade to scrape it off, scared of scraping lines into the copper with the blade =\