Madcatz R1 and R2 joystick issues / faulty button

I own a madcatz te (r1 and r2) and i noticed the movements on the r2 are pretty “tight” as compared to the “loose” feel on the r1. Is this normal?

Also the y button on my r1 seems to malfunticion randomly, how do i fix this?

Youve probably broken in the r1. And maybe les so with the r2.
also, buttons from different production runs do feel different. The red sanwas on my wireles custom feel different to the white ones on my r1 & r2. And the yellow sanwa on my mvc2 feel different to all of them…

Also with missed inputs, thats probably a pcb thing.

I also have 2 r1 te’s with pcbs swapped out with PSOne dualshocks, used for emulation on xbox1, they are abused by four 8 to 12 year olds, and myself and theres not been a problem with inputs

Since you are calling the buttons R1 and R2 instead of RB and RT I am assuming your talking about a PS3 TE.
Unless your talking about Round 1 and Round 2 TEs.

Ether way one could be more worn in than the other.

R1 = round 1

R2 = round 2