MadCatz re-releasing TE-S sticks?


Does anyone know if MadCatz will re-release any TE or TE-S sticks? Those were my favorite!!!


Highly doubt it now that they are producing the Pro’s, VS, and Soul editions


And you would be wrong, fortunately.

I just saw pictures of a prototypes for Persona 4 being exhibited/demo’d at E3.
It was a FOUR-button fighting game joystick* without the bezel* set in the classic R1/R2 TE case design.
Molded in white.

Pics were posted on NeoGaf.

The stick looks fairly nice… Maybe a bit sparse artwork, but interesting.

Hori also hasn’t let its classic HRAP 1/2/3 case die out entirely, either. Their most release of this design was for an HRAP 3 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue limited edition. It’s a full HRAP 3, not a button-soldered-into PCB variant – Hori traditional buttons with Quick Disconnects.


Interesting… can you post a link?


Aha Found it!

Pretty nice but as cool as it is to have Yuu on the art, I would have preferred the whole cast rather than the MC and maybe without the button lables for the game, but it is just 4 buttons. Regardless it looks nice without the bezel but I hope it has the 8 button metal panel underneath.


Are you talking about the TE that my friends at Atlus modded for the P4A demo?
It is funny, because the modder at Atlus is same name as me.


So its just for the demo? That explains everything


Yes, those TE were modded by Atlus just for E3 for the P4A demo.
My friends only modded four of the Mad Catz TE for E3.


Maybe MarkMan can shed some light on this issue. Does anyone expect a 25th anniversary stick?


Why am I not surprised you were involved? :wink:


I don’t think there’s any chance in Hell that Mad Catz would release a 4 button stick.


The Licensing with Microsoft or Sony would not allow it any ways


I’m sure that’s why Gahrling made that comment. O_o


Exactly, the menus wouldn’t work on many games.


Oh well, my bad…!

Didn’t understand or wasn’t explained where I saw on NeoGeo about the joystick being “for demo purposes” only. Might have made a nice variant. MS and Sony really have to lighten up and let some unconventional variants through. People will know what they can and can’t use for EVO… It’s just dumb that everything has to confirm to an 8-button layout or Fruit Loops color (like MS demands).

Would have been nice to see a different TE model but oh well… It just means I’m saving money for something that I probably want or need more…!

Persona 4 is still getting a FightStick V3/VX model for the Japanese market, isn’t it?


The soul edition is a TE-S just with a different bezel both form factors are exactly the same


actually the namco tekken hybrid stick is also a TE-S and i believe it is still available on the namco store as well