Madcatz Retro Arcade Stick

I wonder, how can i get one (i don’t live in the US)
Thanks :slight_smile:

Not really familiar with this, any pics?
straight from google imgz

It’s the one that looks like an old Atari controller. They’re very easy to solder. Go post a WTB (wanted to buy) ad in the Trading Outlet section of the forum. Be sure to specify that you need international shipping.

If you need a controller purposely for a stick, you could use a MOV-547160 pad instead, it’s smaller and might be easier to find.

but the retro arcade is square, which can be more convenient. I also see more resources online for it than the MOV-547160, including images of where to solder to make the LT/RT act as buttons

is it cheaper than the retro arcade stick?

I’ve seen some around, but can’t quite recall at which Gamestop.

But wouldn’t it be more expensive to pay for shipping to Chile than you buying an official, wired controller locally?

Nope, they are $25 usd while the retro arcade is $10 usd.

it’s pretty hard to find a retro anymore, even the ones gamestop had on clearance.

You can go to this link and put in your zip code. It’ll tell you which gamestop closest to you has them in stock. You’re in chile though so good luck. Maybe someone in the states can buy one for you and you could work something out with them. Hurry cuz they’re going fast!

lol i think a gamestop and target in my area has a couple of those. Arent those the joysticks that come with a free game?

anyways ill check my area to see if i can hunt one down for u

Yeah, they come with frogger, astro pop deluxe, and timepilot + 48-hour gold membership! I know cuz I’m looking at mine right now.