Madcatz Retro Joystick PCB Question

Ok, I know this has probably been asked a bunch of times but I don’t feel like searching through thousands of post to find out. (I already narrowed it down after a few searches)

I’m thinking about getting my hrap2 modded for the 360 and want to know if it’s better to get the Madcatz Retro joystick or the Madcatz gamestop 4716 controller instead.

I don’t trust the Madcatz name at all and would like to know which is more reliable between these two. I already managed to find a Retro joystick at my local gamestop which I bought but still have 7 days left to find out if I should keep it. They also had the black 4716 controls as well but seeing how the joystick was harder to find, I picked that up instead.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yea, I already tested it on my pc and 360 and all the buttons and directionals seem to be in working order.



Out of curiosity, is there a different method to getting the triggers to work on the retro as opposed to the 4716 pcb? I sort of vaguely recall reading that it’s much easier to do on the retro pcb. What do I need to get it to work exactly?

Great! Thank you very much, couldn’t get any more specific than that. :rofl:

Retro it is. Thanks guys.