Madcatz retro stick $.99 @ Micro Center


In store pick up only…ymmv


So its basically a 99 cent PCB. Cool, I’d buy it.

I’ve never heard of any nearby Micro Centers though. :S


Nice find! Shame I live in the UK though :frowning: I used one of those in my cab and despite not being great at soldering, that really is easy to hack.


Oh god.

Can someone just pick all of them up and resell them on Trading Outlet for cheap? The price is just so good.


they are out of stock at my closest microcenter :frowning:


My microcenter has about 15 in stock. Too bad, i can’t sell them here. :frowning:


get them anyway, im sure you could sell them all by the time you can actually sell


if i was you id get them all you could sell them for 20 shipped and make like 14 each one you sell


Oh my god
I can’t find these things anywhere, i’d buy one from you in a heartbeat. ;_;


You should buy em and we can buy them from you via email and paypal.


I went down the entire store list for the heck of it once I saw the one near me didn’t have any and it was sold out at every location @_@

Maybe sselemit picked those 15 up already lol :nunchuck:


For europeans, some retro sticks can be had for around 10UKP on (even 8.99 UKP atm)


:frowning: bad luck. damn sold out when I went back. I should have gotten them. Silly me.


kubebot, did you buy them all?

The one closest to me is the one closest to you.
I checked and there is no more available.


sold out in Santa Clara. damn. hopefully someone comes up on this.


Damn that’s cheap. Someone should snatch these up for resale. They’re extremely easy to solder.


Just got back from the Minneapolis store, sold out here to.


If anyone gas extra pm me.


No, but I would have.


if anyone got an extra please sell one to me lol

im seriously looking for a cheap one