Madcatz Round 2 360 TE Dual-Mod help

Recently got the wrong stick: i meant to get a round 2 TE for ps3 and i got a 360. i want to dual mod it so i can play on both systems (360/ps3). (gamecube,wii,dreamcast,ps1,ps2,etc. are at a very low priority)

Anyway, I was really interested in the TEasy mod because i dont have the tools or skills to solder and so i like how you could clip a few things and set it in. But they dont sell it anymore.

I also read about Dualstrike mods but i dont know if i need anything else and there is a crap load of stuff to buy. in other words, im really confused and i want someone to lay it out. I want the cheapest dual mod possible with no soldering. Help?

P.S. also heard about the peeps who did TEasy and Dualstrike that they are making a 2 in 1 board…why do you need both?

Phreakazoid187 is only out of them. If you wait a while, you can get another, more are on the way. They are in no way out of production.

TEasy is NOT a PS3 controller. You need it AND DualStrike for a complete dual mod. TEeasy simply makes the wiring solderless, out to a ribbon connector, which then plugs right into DualStrike. A 2 in 1 PCB would mean that Phreakazoid doesn’t have to ship in DualStrikes overseas from benaco74.

Pretty much, either be patient, or if you don’t mind spending a bit extra, you could send it to a modder who will gladly do the mod for you. Check Trading outlet to find individual rates.

Thnx Nerrage that makes a lot more sense. Last time i heard about Phreakazoid making the 2 in 1’s were in August and its December so I dont know how long i want to wait :confused: I’ve been looking into Toodles Cthulhu boards.

Controller Boards & Kits

Can I get just one of these boards and solder it? And which one do i want to get? or do i have to buy something else besides soldering tools? I just really want 360/ps3. not really interested in wii/gc/dc/ps1/ps2 etc.

I know this isn’t going to sound good, but if you’re just now thinking about buying soldering tools, I don’t suggest doing the dual mod yourself. Unless you’re pretty comfortable around the soldering iron, dual modding might be a project that’s over your head.

That being said, you want the ChImp board if you’re adding PS3 support to a 360 TE. The ChImp SMD is the easiest to work with.

get the chimp SMD
use this tutorial for reference
Dual Mod a Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition using Toodles ChImp?|?Donovan Myers

soldering is not too difficult man, just have steady hands and a pair of helping hands that you can buy at harbor freight for like 6-7 bucks. If you use thin wire (like 26-28 gauge) you can get away with using the solderless trick (part of the link above) for most of the connections. The only time you would need to pull out a soldering iron is to:

  1. remove the original USB wires from the TE’s PCB (so that you can attach them to the chimp)
  2. soldering new wires in place of the USB wires you just removed and screwing them to the chimp.

yeah this soldering thing seems to be over my head. im good with my hands and i respect the soldering iron, its just that i could probably not buy all the soldering and toodles boards and just get another whole stick for the other system using the necxi madcatz deal. i got today and tommorow for that one.

But …Hey kwago, you live in SA, TX? if you do, can you mod it for me?

hrmm, well I could but I’m far from a pro at it. I just finished a dual mod using the ChimpSMD last night. The turbo button does not work for me- not that I ever use it. It’s not the most tidy looking case either. If anyone knows a good place for a ChimpSMD in an SE case, i’d love to see it!

Anyway, having said that, I’d do it for a pack of Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron. Just supply the TE stick and ChimpSMD.

how much is that? hahaha
i dont care for turbo but i want the back and start. isn’t the back replaced with turbo or something?

Oh back still works fine on the 360, as well as turbo. Turbo does not work on PS3 though.

the beer is around 15 bucks for a 4 pack heeh

haha i see, i see
ill get back to you tommorow

Just a reference for kwago, the TE has lots of space but doesn’t need to be placed too far apart.

I’m surprised you dual modded, but kept the stock parts.

What do you mean? on the Chimp SMD? Oh you mean kwago. Good eye Nerrage. Yes, stock parts<swapped parts!!

oh yeah new parts are on the to-do list, especially after removing the metal washer on the stick to keep it from scratching the PCB. The deadzone the stick now has is quite annoying. Anyway, I did not want to commit to any colors until I decided on the artwork for the stick.