Madcatz Round 2 FightSticks TE for $99.90

XBOX 360:


Great find man…

dont forget they have SF4 fight pads for 19.90 + shipping. great for padhacking.

I really don’t need ANOTHER stick but, this is tempting

whats the difference between this TE stick and the previous one other than the artwork? or is this just madcatz blatantly trying to bleed money

oh man i just bought another one

The only difference is cosmetic.

craze by name…

I don’t see why this is such a good deal. When Markman graciously hooked up discounts for the events he had attended, they were 30% of the retail price and shipping was cheaper. Quoted at gameshark store was about $112.49 shipped and gogamer price is $111.89. It’s pretty average. If you can’t afford one now, then just wait for markman’s posts for hooking up the community, but I don’t think this is all that special unless shipping was free like Amazon does it.

I’m still sore about missing the HRAP 3sa from amazon at about 90 a few months back. Amazon prime is the best

Let’s hope they ship to canada

Oh man, so many good deals recently.

It’s a good deal b/c IT COSTS LESS. Hello!?

No international shipping from nor :sad:


So many deals on fightsticks its ridiculous. Get it while its hot people!

Fry’s Electronics has the TE round 2 on sale for $99,99

Link? Online, in store? What location?

update…nvmd. PS3 only:

Why aren’t there any deal in CANADA!!!

Madcatz, you know you have the power to help the Canadian market out. Throw us a bone. a $139.99 TE would be golden. Come on markman, help us out please.

well i caved in and bought it! That deal is just too good too bad i didn’t see it earlier i bought ssf4(s) stick for the ps3 now bitches cant run since i bought one for the 360 now.


Im shocked as to why the US sells so much of these things that Canada never bothers to sell.

I’m sure it has to do with the initial price of these things. They retail for $189.99 or $199.99 at EB games/game stop. That’s the only b&m place that sells them. In Canada the e-commerce business isn’t nearly as strong as it is in the USA, so people are tipically drawn to B&M stores to get their stuff.

I think the reason we don’t get the TE S is because EBgames saw how few they sold of the regular TE and decided against it. I believe markman already said Madcatz gave Canadian retailers the opportunity to sell these and they all passed.

With the Canadian dollar on par (and for a few moments, higher) than the US dollar, I see now reason for our TE sticks to cost $189.99 +tax and ones in the states to cost $139.99 all day every day.

A grand gesture would be if Madcatz sold directly to Canada as well. I can’t imagine it’s that difficult since other companies do it. That being said, I’m sure there’s a good reason.