Madcatz SD Fightpad, Rubber under buttons sticking?


So I am now on my second Madcatz SD fightpad. I absolutely love the way that they feel however I have been having problems with buttons briefly sticking and coming back up. Mainly buttons that I have to hold down often. Playing Mitsuru in P4A requires holding down her B attacks quite often after being in the lab a lot and playing online my button has begun to have the same problem as my previous pad. Upon inspection nothing seems to be wrong with the rubber underneath the button. It just gets stuck slightly in the rest of the rubber when it is pushed. This is a terrible and annoying problem. There has to be a way to fix this does anybody else know what I am talking about? 2nd controller this has happened to for me X_X

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


cuz Madcatz, these pads are pretty poor quality when you try to use them regularly. The Hori fighting commander is a great alternative. I also have had positive experiences with the PDP versus pad as well.


Damn Hori fighting commander is PS3 only ;_;

I don’t like the clickyness of the PDP pad.


I’m sure if you asked nicely a few modders might send you some replacement pads from their leftover collection of pad shells… if they saved them that is…


:stuck_out_tongue: I take it that means you don’t save them or don’t mod pads.


I would send you some.
Because I have like three hundred of the rubbers.
But they are from FightPad and BrawlPad, not FightPad SD.


Do you know if the fightpad SD and regular fightpad have the same rubber? I would like to think that the button layout being nearly identical is probably the same. Hmm I suppose the way it fits onto the motherboard might be different though even if the buttons do line up correctly.


They’re very different and wont line up properly. I had some but recently cleaned house and tossed a bunch. I’m also in Canadia, so shipping would be more than its worth…


Ah darn, well I do live in Michigan which is pretty close but that’s still cross-country. I wouldn’t mind sending somebody like 2-4$(depending on how much it’ll cost for them) for shipping me a couple rubbers if they happen to have any for the SD fight pads. I am of course assuming somebody would just use a regular envelope since the rubber pads are pretty small.

Could use paypal.