Madcatz SE 39.99 PS3 & 34.99 360

I saw this online and thought i would share. is offering the vanilla Mad Catz FightStick on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $39.99 and $34.99 respectively with free shipping.
Just ordered one:smile:

oh dang, does this ship to canada with free shipping?

This or a Hori Fight Stick 3 for 30$?

i ordered one too :smiley:

you have to select Budget shipping in order to get the free shipping

Throw out your Hori EX2 and FS3s, Madcatz SE is finally in the $30-40 price bracket :party:

Ordered Mine!

No shipping to canada and the canada site doesnt even sell the stick :frowning:

Perfect time to be in the market for a second stick haha

Bought 2, these will make great gifts for friends after SSFIV launch =D Tempted to keep one though =\

many thanks :smiley:

it’s modding time!

Yeah, sucks for these kinds of stuff! Before I bought my SE Stick locally, I was about to buy the HRAP3 but apparently anything but Blu-Ray movies cannot be shipped due to warranty not being valid anywhere except for the US.

SE Stick > FS3
They’re both technically the same stick but I studied up on Hori’s FS3 mods and everyone will eventually mod their sticks. The SE Stick has quick disconnects making modding easy and fits the standard Sanwa stick without any metal grinding(to fit the sticks) and no electrical tape required(short circuiting because of the low clearance and the base being metal).
Form factors are the same too except the SE stick angles down under the buttons whereas the FS3 is round.

ordered one too yesterday, really good deal! gonna be used for guests :slight_smile:

where’d you get the SE locally? although i have very little soldering experience, how hard can it be to mod a FS3, isn’t it just about the same as the HRAP? if so,


It’s not hard, but it’s not just soldering. When you put in a JLF, there’s not enough clearance to the bottom plate, so you’ve got to place small dent in the case.
Read here, there’s enough info there to cover any questions you have about modding the stick.