Madcatz SE and Street Fighter IV 42.88 @ Sams Club

I searched and didn’t see this posted already. Sam’s Club has SE sticks packaged with Street Fighter IV for $42.88. It’s been reported in this thread at Sam’s Clubs in different parts of the country.

For this price it’s worth it for a case and PCB. I had quite a few extra arcade parts, and I plan on selling SF:IV to recoup some cost.

I bought my SE when it first came out for WAY more than that.

Even if you sell the SFIV for $10, its still more than the Gamestop buyback price.

Dell had the SE for like $25 shipped 2 months ago. I only got one to test it out but wish I had gotten more.

I may go ahead and get this deal and try to sell the game, but something tells me its going to be a hard game to sell for much profit.