MAdcatz SE and TE stick

so I’m pretty low on money right now and can just get the SE stick right now, is this stick fine for a month or so until I can buy the tournament version(I’m a huge beginner)?

Well you can get a TE for $99 on amazon right now with free 2 day shipping.
If you buy an SE, instead of buying a TE, why not save some money and just mod it with Sanwa parts.

I literally know nothing about modding sticks, I’m a huge noob.

It’s very easy actually. If you know how to turn a screwdriver you’re already 50% there. Look up the many guides provided around here and check out the sticky.

Its really easy to swap the gear out.
[media=youtube]WMIxXgL0eNU[/media] Is a review of the TE by community member Jimmy Nguyen (shinjn). He takes apart the stick and shows you how to change parts.
You can buy the parts from

i was in the same situation but if you know how to plug a lamp into an outlet you can easily learn. It’s really as easy as it looks.

buy a TE

I would just get the TE honestly, why buy two sticks if you’re trying to save for one? On top of that, getting the SE and replacing the parts will make it cost more than just grabbing a TE stick, which has some of the best parts and nicest cases available.