Madcatz SE button replacement

Is there a place where I can send my SE and buttons to get the new buttons I ordered installed? I am paranoid that I will break something and end up with no fightstick.

You would pay more than it’s worth.

It’s really easy to do, search the fourms there is a thread explaining it step by step.

If you really want to spend the money to have someone do it for you, it would be cheaper to buy a TE. Buy a TE.

It is not worth it to pay for someone to install Buttons for you.
It is so that much easy.

I’m so confident in you succeed.
I buy if you break.
I’m serious.

Go palmerfan!

Alright, just one more question: If I break something, can I call madcatz and have them try to help me fix it over the phone?

No but, you can call jdm and he’ll buy it from you

For real man.

Ehh, I’ll cancel my order and save up for a TE then. Thx for the info.

Believe in yourself palmerfan.
I do!

Go ahead and do the mod. You’d have to TRY to mess it up.

It’s STUPIDLY easy to replace the buttons/ joystick on the SE. There are hundreds of how-to articles and videos online as well. Opening up the stick will void your warranty, but it’s a small price to pay for having quality parts and a stick that’s unique to you. Here’s a link to one of the vids:


Heck, if you live in Austin, TX I’ll do it for ya! (it’s fun)

the worst that I have seen is the buttons getting wired back up wrong (a mapped to b ect) simple fix is to do 1 at a time that way no wires end up crossed

Incredibly easy to mod not only buttons, but also stick!. I recommend getting the screw-ons though it’s easier to install and can keep a tight grip on it.

I seriously don’t see how it would even be possible to break something while changing the buttons in an SE. Just do it. It’s super easy, tons of guides, and there’s virtually no risk involved (other than voiding the warranty). Hell, if you pay shipping, I’ll do it for free, it’s pretty fun.

Seriously, it’s as easy as unplugging a power cord from a wall socket. You should trust the people here and trust yourself too! I know you can do it as much as everyone else here does.

i dont think u’ll mess up, ur not even going to have to do any soldering. just unplug and unsnap the buttons and snap the new buttons in and plug it in and close it up.

Opening the stick up, trashing the godawful Madcatz parts, replacing them with glorious arcade parts, and personally feel the difference is a lot more fun and satisfying than you think.

i’m a retard and even I did it. Have faith.

I am disappoint already.
Why you do that palmerfan?

Well you not even have your Arcade Stick yet.

Worse case scenario: I broke one of the SE’s stock button lugs when doing it. But I was going to throw it out, anyways. XD

A little off topic, but I don’t think this deserves its own thread: the art on my SE is starting to peel. If I peeled it off by myself, would I just be able to place new art on it afterwards? I want to know, because the other way seems WAY too hard.