MadCatz SE Fight Stick Templates for 360


I’m new to this forum and would just like to know where and how can I get some templates for my Madcatz SE Fightstick for the 360. Getting kinda tired of the stock one that is on it now and want something new. If you could, just place links and “how to’s” so we all know what we are doing when trying to change.


Did you not see the seven other threads that cover this?


uh, no. Hints to the reason why I created this post stating that I am new and why i specifically said to post LINKS to places that may have them…


Have a look in these threads :coffee:


Just because you’re new doens’t mean you’re ignorant to all the previous posts on this same topic.


Why is it when someone asks a simple question, everyone has to get pissy??? All i wanted to get were LINKS to find out where I can find templates… GEEZZ people…

And thanks dn3000 for the links…


Not to sound like a dick, or even offensive towards you like - but the reason people get “pissy” is because if everyone asked these “simple questions” we’d have a forum full of repeat threads, Just kinda defies the point of stickying threads and such.


Well, i’m not trying to sound like one either, seriously, but when them threads get to be over 50 or 60 pages long, it gets a bit ridiculous trying to thumb thru and look for what i’m trying to get… But that’s fine, I understand the ‘frustration’ it may be causing, but all I wanted to get was links to different graphics instead of having to go thru all that. I’m sorry I watsed 2-3 minutes of your life trying to get a response.


Links youre looking for are stickied so each page you check in the 50-60, have it at the top regardless. Oh well.