Madcatz SE Fightstick Question

I recently modded my stick with Sanwa parts and everything works but recently two of my buttons seem to die. When I unplug and plug the controller back in they work again.

Is the problem with the buttons or the PCB?

When I bought the buttons, they were not brand new but in good condition.

It sounds like it’s more of a problem with the connection than the actual buttons. You should try opening up the fightstick and reconnecting everything…

If you’re using a 360 SE, are the buttons wearing out LT/RT because those are known issues with the pcb itself.

It’ll be this one.

Rewire your stick
FROM Controller-A:

TO Controller-B:

it is those 2 buttons. is it common on the TE sticks too? im thinking of buying it and selling this one to a friend.

Yes. Later TE sticks are better about it, but it still happens. They use the same PCB.