Madcatz SE Joystick Question

When taking off the joystick i cant seem to get the screws off, i got one off and now the rest are loose and wont come off? What can i do?

There’s only 2 screws mounting the joystick on each side (horizontal sides), they’re covered in red crap and are fairly easy to remove with any screwdriver. Did you take the balltop off the stick? Try tugging a little in case of weird glue residue? I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking here but if you mean that you accidentally ground down the screwhead try a hard sharp flathead.

EDIT Provide us with a picture if you can.

its wierd, i got the bolts loose but they wont come out is what im trying to say, its like there moving in the right way but dont come falling out? Whats wrong with them?

Nevermind i got it