Madcatz se modding, i know, this gets posted a million times

I just recently got a madcatz sf4 stick from estarland(i live close by, and if you don’t check their site, no words can describe how awesome they are). buuuuut i noticed that the buttons seemed modded, so i looked at the guts, and lo and behold, genuine sanwa buttons had been put in place by the previous owner or the shop just fixing it(not sure, but im a regular so ill probably ask). but just wondering. as a die hard sf2 player and mvc2 fanatic, which would be the choice stick for replacing?( the joy stick is the only thing left stock.) I like 4 ways but i hear 8 way gates are the way to go for third strike which has been a recent addiction. any recommendations would be awesomely appreciated. I’m not looking to top the champs, but would like a comfortable stick for me and my girl to wipe the floor with :stuck_out_tongue:

The only downside I’ve found is that it’s easy to mod… lol. I was a former guitar tech and soldering irons are my best friend, though i do love the set-up due to how accessible they’ve made the stick(as a whole) for modding. A bit of a challenge is always fun for me, but the plug n play set up they designed the controller with is quiet pleasing to see. Especially after wiring pick-ups and such for so long and the here and there fix it for consoles, its nice to see something that someone can do on their own, and maybe get inspired by it.

You probably mean square gate vs octo gate. 4 way means literally 4 directions(up,down,left,right). You are better off asking this question in tech talk though as they would be better able to help. As a sf2 and mvc fanatic you probably would want a happ in there but you would need to replace the entire control panel to get that to fit. You will probably want to look into the seimitsu line of joysticks for a similar feel

Yeah square gate is what I meant, thanks for the clarification. I really don’t know much as I’m a newb to modding controllers ect. Thanks for the info though, this is my first post and just signed up less than an hour ago. Will definitely check out the seimitsu joysticks now. Thanks!

Welcome to SRK. There is already a ton of information out there on gates/sticks, etc. Check the stickies here or in tech talk.