Madcatz se octo plate

so i dont have enough money to get a new JLF stick right now, so what i want to know is if i can just get the octo plate for the JLF and use it on the stock SE stick? i know everyone says you need to practice with it to get better, i will practice but i am used to playing on arcade sticks and used to riding the gate, so i just want to see if the octo gate feels more like what i am used to. square gate has me feeling like a noob. i only have it 2 days but i want to make a decision early as to which i will stick with, so i can start to practice hard and get used to it. i plan on also playing tekken and soul calibur with it eventually.

short answer: yes

ok ty

Longer answer,

The square gate on the knockoff SE stick is a mother fucker to get off. Try having many tiny metal crowbar things to hold down the tabs when you start.

You’re better off just saving up and buying a JLF. It’s probably less effort to install a whole new joystick than pull of the gate on the stock stick.

And really, a JLF is only $25-30. Go get a paper route or something.

If you have a SE first of all replace the stick and buttons. That way your parts are high quality Sanwa parts. Now as far as octo goes well its up to you BUT since you play arcades I suggest you stick with the square.

I use octo but that’s because the square gate doesn’t work for me and i had the SE for a month so I switch it to octo and it works miracle for me. So just replace the stick and buttons first. Also if you save enough money then by the octo and try it out…it wouldn’t hurt to try different options.

Really? I tried to switch the square gate from my stock stick and the octogate that I bought and used on my JLF, and it didn’t work at all.

I’ve had some issues when I switched out my square gate for an octo in my se 2 weeks ago. I guess I need to get used to it more but I seem to do better with a square gate

edit I have a JLF in my se not the stock stick

what about this? anyone else experience this?