MadCatz SE Repair


I have a MadCatz SE and was wondering if someone here could point me in the right direction as to how to repair it.

The Xbox guide button does not work at all (switch is in unlocked position), and sometimes the roundhouse button stops working after awhile. If I reconnect the controller the roundhouse button magically works again.

I was thinking of reflowing the solder on the connectors and reseating them, but if that doesn’t work, what else should I look at? Is there anywhere to purchase spare PCBs?

Any help would be appreciated.


Yes, it is known problem for that Button do not work.
Some say it is a grounding problem in the Case.
So ground to the metal bottom.

Some will just tell you to switch 3K with 4K.
Then Button Configuration in the game.

You cannot buy PCB anywhere.
Have to buy new PCB, or ask Mad Catz, or buy PCB from SRK Trading Outlet.


4K on SE’s is also a trigger and would go out the same time.
OP, Swap the wires going to your Roundhouse button with the wires that go to your fourth punch button ‘LB’. That should set your Roundhouse button to LB with won’t cut out on you like the triggers will. There’s no true fix to that problem except trying another PCB from madcatz or settling for this workaround. Bummer is you’ll have to use the button config on most games.

For the stuck guide button, you’ll have to open it up and see if you can see what’s wrong. After the top panel is off, unscrew the led board from the main case and life up. There will be screws holding the green pcb to the plastic, remove those, then carefully remove the pcb from the plastic that is holding it in with four clips. You should see the pieces that make up the guide button; the outside plastic button piece, the clear and black ‘nipple’ piece, and the pcb spot that the black part of the nipple smooshes down on when pressed. Something in that setup may not be working rught, so reassemble it properly and test.


What if your Entire SE just magically stops working from time to time, yet all it takes is a reconnect in order to get it working again?