Madcatz SE stick...before and after

So I need a stick thats cheap but also easy to mod (whenever I do feel like adding in Sanwa buttons and joystick). My question is, after all the hate on the SE stick for its crappy parts, does this problem still exist nowadays? Have they fixed the PCB problem, and the button sticking? Cause my plan was to get a cheap stick with good stock parts, but with QDs so I can mod it when I get more money for new parts. Sadly, the V3/VX lack QDs apparently so my only option right now is to get the SE (or TE which I could afford, but won’t be able to buy other stuff I need).

i would go with the te but se if you need other stuff, over all id get the se if you can mod it inside on a month. because the buttons are garbage

Like how long are we talking before the SE buttons crap out? I usually play Street Fighter IV on weekends, usually up to 2-3 hour sessions before I decide to take a break if that helps.

The buttons are fine on the SE Stick. My friend used his for a couple months before he swapped in Sanwa buttons and a JLF.

I disagree, the buttons are garbage on the SE Stick. I had 2 of them go flaky on me after 2 weeks, and more completely die within 2 months. However, now that I have swapped the joystick/buttons for sanwa ones it works great.

well the se stock parts are bad so i would say get the te they are only 130 now shipped yo can prob get one on here for like 110 shipped new on here just post for one

I’ve had one, I was alright with the buttons. They responded well, I played on 'em for about 5 hours though.

The stick was what I had a problem with. Going down-right or up-right, the stick wouldn’t hit the right microswitch, so unless I went right, then up-right/down-right, the stick would only register it as up/down. VERY annoying, immediately ordered a JLF to replace it.

Since then, got my Seimetsu buttons and I’m loving it now. Props to MadCatz for allowing such an easily moddable stick.

But yeah, if you can afford it, go TE. I bought one for my brother, absolutely love it. Now that I’ve got my SE modded though, it looks sexier :).

If you like modding, like art, and learning go for the SE. It works fine for me it’s just the buttons get stuck on me sometimes and it’s kind of small but, it’s workable. Get the TE if you don’t want to go through the hell of getting buttons, installing them and hoping your PCB doesn’t fry.

TE’s have the same PCB issues.

Fry? How on earth would that happen just from playing?