Madcatz SE stick cord issue

Sup tech thread,

Basically, the base of my cord is finished and I’m seeking a fix for it.

More specifically are there any replacement cords specifically for this stick?

You can cut above the bump and remove the bump and below.
Then you solder the cut part onto the PCB.

You can also buy new Mad Catz Arcade FightStick USB from me.
You will still have to solder the new one onto the PCB.
After desoldering your old one of course.


You should checkout Nerrage’s youtube howto video on replacing USB cables. [media=youtube]ZUi7BOmkaUM[/media]

If don’t want to solder and the USB cord inside the case is still good, you can go the screw terminal approach covered in that video.

EDIT: beaten by jdm above

Good stuff. Much thanks for the quick replies.