Madcatz SE/TE mockup template question

So I just got this mockup template just recently.
I followed the instructions and all.
Everything came out fine, but… I can’t seem to align the image onto the stick template correctly.
What am I doing wrong here? Does anyone know and can please help me?
I’m sure y’all have seen these images all over SRK by now.

Perfect Example:
^How are people aligning the the image after pasting it onto the final template just like that?^
That seem to come out perfect.
Whenever I try to do it, my images seems so off and lopsided. I tried the “Free Transform” option and everything I could in Photoshop but it just does not come out right.

Here is the problem I’m having. Trying to align it where the whole pic is on the stick without having gaps, empty spaces, weird angles, etc…
It just won’t come out right. Am I using the wrong tools or something?

No one knows?
Was my explanation too confusing for you guys?