Madcatz SE\TE Stick outside US of A

Are there any member here who pre-order and got their Madcatz SE\TE and they’re outside the US of A? What store did you made your pre-order and where are you?



I know of at least one person who got their TE preordered from the US, not sure where.
A couple of chains in Australia are pre-ordering for shipment in April and again in June (I think).
Priced from $250-300 AUD, cheaper than preordering from the US with the currency conversion and shipping because the AUD is low compared to the $US.

I’m from the Netherlands and there have been some sticks ordered and gotten around here, albeit in extremely low numbers and with a large delay.

I got mine around a week after the SFIV release, by luck, as the gameshop where I pre-ordered it has two stores, and at one they had one left over. I believe they get around five in total, and I know a few others that have ordered it online at and gotten it, albeit at least one got the 360 version instead of the PS3 one he ordered.

I did pay 170 instead of the retail of 150, but hey, it beats forking out 300 bucks on eBay for one.

Still no sign of madcatz sticks here in Singaopre :sad:

So the US of A is getting all the luck instead of the rest of us? Grrrr If this goes on we are gona have to declare war lol. As far as I know no sticks have come into the UK yet either.

I am from Australia as well … NSW, which chains are you referring to? Thanks.

i’ve been to singapore and from what i remember there were plenty of electronics/game stores selling alternatives to these TE sticks like the imported Hori/hraps. i saw plenty but that was a while ago.

HRAP3 are available here in SG since day 1 the SF4 have been released. But I don’t like Hori, I like the bad ass Mad Catz stick. That’s the reason I pre-order it in one of the gaming store here

i know what you mean they’re pretty bad ass(when they’re working correctly). you’ll love it once your store gets em in. i miss singapore i cant wait to go back there for vacation next year.

your airport has to be like the biggest mother fuckin airport in the world. it’s a freaking mall x10 i love it.

Still no sign of Mad Catz sticks here in SG, as of now