Madcatz SE won't sync to 360

i posted in the show your arcade stick thread that i got a 360 SE for a dollar, i tested it on PC and it did work, but then i decided to double check on the 360 itself, and it wouldn’t connect. (just kept flashing)

any ideas why that would happen?

I can easily replace the PCB but that’s a last resort, and i really don’t want to do that.

also some details:

that is how it shows up in windows controller config, strange because every other controller i’ve used has shown other axis (even the PS3 SE stick i have)

is this normal?

I’ve also noticed that the turbo speeds are slower on the 360 stick, the first turbo setting seems to be a bit erratic.

edit one more piece of info, holding the guide button does turn the xbox on, it just cannot seem to connect.