Madcatz SE


These screws will work correct?


What do you intend to use them for? If it’s mounting a JLF to a mounting plate, then yes.


Yes its for a JLF, Alright thanks :slight_smile:


No one would happen to know where I could also find a back plate for the stick itself as a replacement would you?


B-boy tekken may be able to fabricate one for you. You can find his thread here


Alright sent him a message thanks


He is not looking to do backplates at this time anymore suggestions?


Just find any metal-cutting company, give them the measurements and the location of the screw-holes, and they’ll cut it for you.
Granted, that gets significantly harder if you don’t have the measurements since you don’t have the original panel.

Try to get in touch with member @“Jasen Hicks” here; he does a lot of metal-cutting, and he may be able to help you out.
However, note that, while he still has access to internet, as of right now, he’s actually on vacation and won’t be back in the US until approximately 2 weeks from now.


Alright thanks, I’ll drop him a line in a couple of days or so