Madcatz SF joystick SE

Guys, I’ve got the oppotunity to buy a second hand SE with modded sanwa buttons but the same joystick. Was wondering how good the joystick is compared to the TE?

It depends on how much wear there is.

It will get you by for awhile, especially if you don’t really know any better. But expect to replace it within a few months if you’re going to be putting heavy use on the stick.

Ah ok, is that something irrant to the joystick itself , ie. if i replaced it with a sanwa, it would be ok, or is the box itself designed badly and wear and there generates over time? I intend to use my joystick alot…

Some of the joysticks in the initial batch had a problem with a loose washer rubbing on the circuit board (you can do a search and find a lot of info about it). That problem was fixed in later/current batches of the stick.

If the joystick has the washer problem, there is a good chance you’ll have problems with the joystick itself at some point (sticking, not registering moves, etc).

If it doesn’t have the washer problem, the joystick should work okay, although I’m not sure what the general durability of those sticks are (I replaced mine right away).

Replacing the stock stick with a Sanwa or Siemetsu takes care of the washer problem and should be more durable than the stock stick in the long run.