MadCatz SF4 Fightpad PCB Help

I looked through 30 pages of the “padhacking” thread but there’s over 80 pages and it’s kind of late. Is there any diagram out there for this pcb? I checked and couldn’t find it. I just want some sort of pictures to show where to solder the wires and solder the ground. If anyone could link me the appropriate thread, link the diagrams, or help in general it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What exactly are you trying to do.I just used the same pad last night to make an mk fightstick and everything works and I didnt wire in any ground.

Somewhere in this thread.

Any side of a button opposite of a signal is common ground. They are all the same piece of metal so it doesn’t matter where you tap ground, as long as you tap it from somewhere.

You can tap ground from any of the buttons. In the link that rtdzign posted, ground is tapped from “left.”

exactly what i needed. thanks rtdzign and d3v

The dot above the guide button can that be soldered as guide?