MadCatz SF4 Fightpad undetected / grayed-out


Hey guys, first post here.

I’m experiencing a very frustrating issue every since I re-installed Windows 10 recently (it’s only my 2nd installation of W10 ever).

When I launch Killer Instinct, I have to use the keyboard to navigate the main menu, even though the Gamepad icon (top-left corner of the screen, next to the Keyboard icon) is green. However, even though the icon is green, nothing works when I use the Pad. Another strange issue is that whenever I access the Controller options (using the Keyboard to actually go in those options) then the Gamepad icon turns gray, and only Keyboard keys appear for me to reassign if I want to change my controls.

Now here’s the thing: I did * not * have this issue back when I had my original Windows 10 installation.

Additionally, the only ‘drivers’ I remember ever installing on that original W10 install were the official Microsoft “XBOX 360 Accessories Software” drivers. I have * also * installed those same drivers on my current W10 installation, and my Gamepad IS detected in Windows itself (it is showing up under Device Manager, and it’s not disabled either). Also, my Pad actually works for other games, such as Mortal Kombat X. But, for some reason(s), Killer Instinct just doesn’t / cannot detect it. I’d like to hear some suggestions about this, perhaps I forgot to do something that I might have done back during my original installation that I’m not aware of anymore? I can’t play the game because of this, and yeah I’d simply like to play it.

Please, anyone, help. Thanks.