MadCatz SF4 Fightstick is a Piece of Junk DO NOT BUY!

I should have known not to trust anything made by MadCatz. I bought into the hype and ordered a SF4 Fightstick for my birthday, and opened it today.

The stick won’t backdash. Sometimes it will register right, sometimes it won’t. Here is a youtube video (I’m controlling Ryu):


What should I do? I bought it through Amazon and it will cost me a bunch to ship back to them, and a long time for them to replace it. Do you think Madcatz will service it or give me a replacement?

There is a huge thread about this…and there has been for over a week or more.

Scroll man…scroll

Eh… common issue’s. Always be prepared to mod any fight stick regardless of it having amazing/terrible reviews.


There’s already a long running thread and a sticky on this.

Less troll, more scroll.

Only buy if you are going to Mod it.

If you want a cheap one for 2nd player just get a EX2 (if your not going to mod)

Thanks. I did look at the threads, but not the sticky.

I read the sticky, but it does not tell how to fix the problem. Any link to the ‘extensive documentation’ for fixing the ‘washer problem’?

Just wanted to point out that Amazon will cover the return shipping cost on defective products. You get a shipping label to print out once you initiate the RMA, just tape it to the box and drop it off.