Madcatz SF4 S.E arcade stick

hey fellow forum dwellers

ive just recently bought the madcatz SE arcade stick but i got it pre-owned. ive heard that the buttons on the SE can become sticky after about 3-4 months of use. Is that true? and also im looking for a good website where i can buy a set of replacement buttons

cheers in advance

replace everything, or

get a sanwa jlf or seimitsu ls3201 and cut off the harness its very poor quality
buttons get sanwa get obs some letter 30 or seimitsu ps14 some letter. these are all bolt on

The first post of the stickied noobie thread explains by the buttons in the SE aren’t that great:

The Intro/rules/tutorials/information thread has a list of stores:

If you’re new here, you should check out the stickies. They have a wealth of information.

ok thanks alot for your help. just wondering about some of the specs for the stick itself. button sizes in mm?
gonna invest in some button plugs as i transit it to my mates house alot. are they worth it?

They are 30mm buttons. I don’t really understand your question though. Button plus are used to fill in unused button holes.