Madcatz SF4 SE Arcade Fightstick problem

I bought a Madcatz SF4 SE Arcade Fightstick about 2 month ago and it was working fine for about 3 weeks,
then suddenly the button i use for medium kick started messing up. MK would come out about 1 in every 4 presses.
I figured that if MK was still coming out then it may be my xbox port, so i tried it on the PC through GGPO and still the same.
I tried pressing various places on the button (thinking it wouldnt matter) and it seemed that the top half of the button
would only bring MK out about 1 in 10 whereas the bottom half of the button would bring MK out about 1 in 3 presses.

Obviously i need to get the stick fixed but on the madcatz website it says it takes 4-6 weeks for processing and i dont really
want to wait that long. Do you think i should void the warranty, open up the stick and replace the MK button with a "spare"
black LB/LT button or should i just bite the bullet and wait 4-6weeks?

I’m thinking of investing in some sanwa parts aswell, i’ve heard there pretty cheap but if im going to do that
i mayswell sell my SE to a shop and get the money for a TE.

thanks in advance. :woot:

There isn’t much that can screw up in a stick that you can’t readily replace - the only thing that you CAN’T replace is the PCB (well, technically you can…). Assuming that’s still working, it’s probably a lot easier and faster to get a spare button and replace it. However, you might actually want to confirm what it is that’s screwing up.

It might be the button, might be the connection to the button, might be the PCB. I hope you have a multimeter handy…

the stick is so simple to upgrade
your better off just replaceing the button yourself.

Is there a way i can find out what is broken before i void the warranty?
If the button is broke, i’ll just replace it, if its the connection, what can i do?
What can i do if its the PCB? :woot:

If it’s the stock Madcatz stick, it’s the button that’s broken for sure. If it IS the PCB, which I doubt, you can have somebody pad hack an xbox 360 controller for you to put into the stick. Also, why does it matter if you find out what’s broken before you void the warranty? You’re going to do it anyway haha.

I cant imagine it being the PCB if medium kick comes out, if it was the PCB the kick wouldnt come out at all right? same for the button connection.

I am almost 100% certain it’s the button. For example, when I first started playing SFIV I was using the stock Madcatz SE just like you. I could only pull off jab, jab, short, headbutt about 50% of the time and I thought it was me, but once I upgraded to Sanwa parts it started coming out every time. The Madcatz PCB is not bad at all but the parts are another story.

Okay, i replaced the MK button with a black button, it works perfectly now, thanks a bunch everyone.
I’ll be ordering sanwa parts asap :slight_smile: