Madcatz SF4 SE PCB & TE PCB (X360)

Hello, I wanted to know if the SF4 Madcatz SE PCB 360 is the same PCB the Madcatz TE 360 uses. I dual modded a TE and something went wrong so I’m considering replacing the TE’s PCB with a SE’s PCB.

My question is specificaly if the PCB has the same conectors as the TE’s so I can swap the TE PCB with the SE.

Thanks in advance.

The two PCB’s have the same fundamental design, but there are different revisions in circulation.

So yes - you can swap 360 SE motherboards with 360 TE motherboards and use the same connectors. Just be sure you plug into the correct socket paying attention to what is written on the PCB’s.

EDIT: Hang on… I remember the last TE-S stick I opened up had one different plug to usual (it had an extra GND point routed to the terminal strip). But every original TE and Round 2 TE and SE stick I have used had swappable motherboards.

SE PCB is swapable with the Round 1 and Round 2 TE PCBs. the TE-S and Chun-li have different configuration for the connectors.

Great, thanks guys, that will make the repair far cheaper and easier than buying a new TE or buying a common ground control pad. I have no doubt I could repair the PCB, but since is not my Stick the faster I solve the problem the better.

The stick I modded is a Round 1 TE, so the SE PCB will do the work.

As for how I screwed the PCB, it’s weird, I already done this mod 2 times without any problem, but this time I had trouble desoldering the cables (I broke D+ and VCC traces on the PCB) and while wiring some stuff I think I burnt a component on the PCB. To blame is the soldering tool, it was thick as hell.

Lesson learnt: Don’t ever try anything if you are not using YOUR tools.