MadCatz Sf4 SE Stick just stopped working :/

So I bought this stick when Vanilla SF4 first came out, had a few problems with the buttons a while ago so I replaced the buttons with new Sanwa ones, and havent had any problems since, but now all of a sudden the thing just crapped out on me, sometimes Il dash and il just stay still. sometimes il press RB to change colours in umvc and itl just keep pressing it rapidly, no idea how this happend, was working fine one minute, little brother came and played assassins creed while I was in the room, Im positive he didn’t touch it, but yeah anyone know why this is happening.

Mail it to gummowned. He will fix it for a profit.

Lol whos that, does he have a thread about fixing em?

It is in the trading outlet.

Sorry to bother you some more, but think you can help me out with a link? Cant find it :frowning: