Madcatz SF4 TE CE Joystick Malfunction?



I have an issue with my SF4 TE CE joystick for the XB360 and I am trying to determine what the problem is. I have contacted MadCatz but they have not responded yet.

Basically the symptom I am having is that the joystick (buttons are fine) is not responding to any of the 360’s console menus, so I cannot navigate or choose what profile etc… The joystick does respond once I’m in an actual game, and can use it normally an in-game menus work, but once again if a 360 menu pops up (say I hold down the X button), then it won’t work until I close it. In the meantime I’m working around it by using an xbox controller to get into the game I want, turn off controller then plug back stick back with is sort of a pain.

The joystick is perfectly fine as I tested the Sanwa, and I also recently gotten a Rollie Flash 1 optical and it tested fine as well. Does anyone know what the issue is? I am thinking it could be one of the harnesses or the PCBs is having an issue.



Make sure the selector switch its set to d-pad (the middle position).



The selector switched seemed to be the culprit. It appeared to be in the middle but must of been stuck and somehow on the unintended setting. After moving the switch around to free it up so it starts engaging properly, I was able to get it set on DP and it works normally again.


Pretty common issue. The switch can be handy, but everyone forgets about it.