Madcatz SF4 TE Edition Arcade Stick for PS3 Faulty Button


This is my first Thread ever and I’m looking for an open thread about this issue but can’t find the Info I want…

I just bought a used Madcatz SF4 TE Edition Arcade Stick for PS3 in a EbGames and the 3rd kick button is kinda defective.
It actually works but when I press it sometimes it doesn’t pop out. What are my options ? Open the stick to fix it, bring it back at ebgames or send it to madcatz… What’s the best option ?

Please Help me ! :crybaby:

Thank you !


Bring it back to EB and exchange it for another one.
You can also try to open it up, and check if the wires/Quick Disconnects are on properly. This will void your warranty though.


The problem is they don’t have another One. But I seriously think that to bring it back is the best option. Damn that sucks I enjoy so much playing with an arcade stick ! FAIT CHIER !


Someone may have gotten some goop in it >_>

You could open it and clean it out, I’d guess that would likely fix it. But if it voids warranty/makes it so they wouldn’t replace it? Ehh…

I’ve had a sticky button before on a stick I didn’t use much. Simply opening it, relaxing everything and putting it back together fixed the problem. If it is actually goop of some sort, you could clean it properly then as well.


Well if you still have the receipt and have warranty, you can bring it to another EB games and exchange it there. I did it before with my SE stick and they let me exchange it.
Call other EB games around you and see if any of them have TE’s in stock. If not, then your out of luck haha. Your next choice would be to open it up and see if any wires are loose.
You wouldn’t want to send it back to Madcatz because that’s a hassle, and it might take a couple weeks.

Best of luck man :slight_smile:


My TE came with a hair on the paint, damn factory, I dont change because I buy it from UK and Im from Portugal. Looks like the TE its scratch or something.
And your problem do not show its from the qd, but instead of it maybe it is from the pcb inself.


Hey OP which ebgame did you buy your stick from I never saw any at Montreal. =/


It’s second handed, I bought it at EB games on St-Hubert… They gave me my money back so if you pass by today, you should be able to get it ! for 145 bucks… it’s pretty expensive for a defective stick if you ask me.
Anyway my problem is half-solved because I don’t have a stick anymore and I don’t know where I can get one in Montreal. The fact that I played with an arcade stick for an hour yesterday for the first time of my life and now I’m back with a controller sucks… I didn’t know that an hour with an arcade stick would change my life !