Madcatz SFIV FIGHTPAD MOD [+ beta] [+ internal & external mods]



I have been searching for some fightpad mods, especially Madcatz ones, but only found fightstick mods.

I’m really not satisfied with the madcatz original art. So i decided to try myself and see what happens. Did some digital art and then printed.

That’s the result:

It is just a WIP, since i have this feel that it could be better somehow.

I also did some improvements with the directional commands, since some people complained about it. I add a piece of paper in a “cross” layout inside de controller (under the rubber) and took out the screws of the circuit board. I just left the screws from outside the fightpad (except the middle one). Believe me, it made a huge difference in command response.

Now, my fightpad directional is perfect. Not too loose, not to tight. Guile’s ultra is easy to perform.

I also did a couple of skins for my 360 pads too:


Those are SICK! Mind sharing the template for those?




Any chance for a full sized 300dpi template for this?


The template is in this thread:


Im having trouble making that provided template actually fit my pad its too huge of an image?? help anyone