Madcatz sfiv fightpad


hi, i have recently purchased a used sfiv fightpad (the wired xbox 360 one, but i’ll use it on pc), very good, very comfortable for me

if i can come back i’ll probably will buy it new (takes 1 hours to properly clean, bleah)

the matter is that the LT button has a very little switch that don’t click anymore (it still works), it’s a very bad sensation compared to the LB that seem brand new. i want to replace it but don’t know the name of that component. i sent an email to madcatz uk but they don’t reply.

can someone here help me?

thank you


Its called a Tac Switch. There many variations on tac switches, so good luck with google.


Tactile switch.

Here is one on digikey that looks like it

Digikey has a bunch of different ones just type in “tactile switch” in the search and then click the “Right angle, through hole” for the search filter and you should be able to see alot more.


While we are on the subject on switches, does anyone know what the switch that controls LS, DP, and RS is called?

EDIT: After some searching, it is a SP3T if I am not mistaken.

EDIT2: For those interested the part number but I dont think anyone is interested lolol.


thank you guys, i’ve ordered a three-pack from ebay, the original in the controller has some kind of sponge over it

maybe i’ll be able to re-use the one from the old switch


Another question regarding the tactile switches on fightpads.Does the button stay pressed if you were to remove them from the trigger and start and select button?


the tac switch arrived, i mounted it and now it’s ok!!! :slight_smile:

next problem is the gum rubber under the dpad it’s sort of failing, what’s the name of it?


I don’t know the name Mad catz calls it , I heard several names for the rubber contacts.
Your best bet is to see if someone took apart their pad for a stick and still have a fresh rubber contacts they are willing to send to you.


i have resolved with a rubber from an old logitech controller i had in my garbage plus some hard paper to correct the height of the rubber mechanism

it fits quite well, can’t say the difference, maybe a little more hard to push but it’s ok

i’m not totally happy with this solution, too rough. i had preferred a real replacement :frowning:

if someone had to deal with this in the past please let me know your solution.



i has a bunch of the rubber dpad things but I’m toooooo lazy to mail any out to anyone. plus idk how much to charge. #firstworldmoddingproblems.


That seems like a pretty flag worthy post to me unless you were somehow joking.
To the OP if I have one lying around I will just send it to you free of charge, you just pay the postage. I usually throw the controller pieces away though. Will update you later.


Flag worthy for what reasons?
I really do have a bunch. Even more laying around somewheres else.


can you tell me where you purchase them?

they look pretty new


What your post said was I have alot of rubber things laying around and could help you out easily but I dont really feel like it unless you are willing to offer me a price worth my while.


They are new. I go through a lot of fightpads for dual mods which leaves me with left overs from the pad.

Considering that he is international (why else would you contact madcatz of UK) it is not really worth my time riding my bike to the post office while my car is in the shop just to mail out a few rubber dpads.


that was my point why even post and perhaps get his hopes up if you have no intention of helping him out.


I never said I wouldn’t help him out. I’m just saying I wont help out for free.


i sent a mail to madcatz uk for the tac switch, after a while they replied me that there are not replaceable parts inside the fightpad (a gentle way to say “screw you, go buy a new one”)

i think that email them for the dpad rubber will not produce any better result

anyway, for the moment i will use my fightpad as it is now