Madcatz SFIV Fightstick / Joystick Wiring Harness


In a fit of non-future-proof modding, I snipped the precious little 5-pin connector off of the circuit board end of the joystick wires. Of course i snipped way too close to that connector to attach new wires to it. Having heard stories of how easily moddable it was, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to connect other joysticks to its board without that special little connector and plenty of extra wires still attached to it. What can I say, I’m an idiot.

Anyway, I’m now in the situation of needing to rebuild that connector using new crimp pins on the wires of the existing joystick. Has anyone done this who could point me in the right direction of buying crimp pins that will fit into that little joystick connector? Im not smart enough to know the standards, and if the ones used in the fightstick are a standard size, etc.

To be clear, I have the original joystick with plenty of stripped wire, and the old 5-pin board connector wire housing thingy. I have pushed out the old crimped wires, so it may be as easy as getting new crimps and popping them into that old connector, assuming i didn’t ruin it by stripping out its ability to hold on to the crimps when i pulled the old ones out. Ideal would probably just be finding a new one of those connectors also, I just can’t identify the type of connector that was originally used.

Any help in correcting my dumb-ass mistake would be appreciated. Thanks.

#2 ?


I basically have that already. I need to replace the other end of that wire that connects to the Fightstick circuit board.

Thank you, though!


You have to re-solder wires to the pcb. Most likely you want to de-solder then re-solder. You may be lucky and just heat up the current solder and re connect the wires. If you can’t do that, then buy a replacement pcb from someone here that have the wires already soldered.

(similar to this, just example)


Do you have to de-solder to remove the existing plastic connector?


show a pic. i can’t remember exactly whats up with the madcatz pcb. but in the end you will just want to reconnect the wires to the PCB.

Show me what you are talking about though.