Madcatz SFIV Xbox Fightpad, broken already?


So I’ve had one of these fight pads for less than 2 weeks and it already appears to be broken, the dpad is visibly leaning to the right and hitting the pad to the right is very slow compared to the left. I tried just popping off the pad and putting it back on, no luck. I also tried searching if anyone else has had this problem, the only thing I can find is the diagonals. I would love to return this piece of shit, but I can’t. What a joke, this thing breaks after 2 weeks of mild use. It was nice while it lasted. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m going to call madcatz next, but not too happy about that. Needless to say, I will NEVER buy another madcatz product again, I havent seen a piece of hardware so shoddily made in a long time.


no one has any ideas for me? I saw in the huge thread thats about 800 pages long about using a screw driver to push the d-pad up, that didnt help. I’d rather try to fix it myself, instead of further spending money on this piece of shit to send it back to madcatz.