Madcatz SFV TE2+ with optical joystick?

Hello all. I just got the TE2+ for SFV and I have a happ p360 joystick I bought a while ago. Is it possible to put it into the madcatz stick?

And if not, what’s the easiest way for me to get a stick I can use for SFV on PS4 with a perfect 360 joystick? Price not an issue. I’m an old school player and I need the p360 with the bat top. Please help your boy. Thanks!

#1 welcome to SRK OG-san.

#2 this question should get posted here to get the most qualified eyes on it:
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#3 sell me that Perfect360*, LOL, just kidding, no seriously sell it to me, no just kidding, no sell it!!!* In all honesty you won’t find any shell that’s built for Japanese parts that’ll fit a Perfect360. Maybe it’ll barely fit in an Hori HRAP 2, 3, or VLX shell, but I haven’t been able kick off any of these projects myself personally. :disappointed:

#4 Some tech talk veterans on this board @hibachifinal & @eczangief have gotten Suzo sticks to fit in HRAP’s and TE’s, and @rygod got an iL Eurostick to fit in a VLX. Not really sure how easy those builds were.

#5 I’m pretty sure the folks at FoeHammer or @souji5 will build you a nice custom case for the right price :slight_smile:

I’ll try posting over there. Thank you, much appreciated!