Madcatz SFxT SD Fightpad replacement dpad needed

This is my only fightpad and this just happened:

So I need to buy a new dpad and the rubber behind it.
Only thing is I cannot find parts even on ebay
Can someone that is relevant and clearly a lot here, guide me to fix this?
I have no other pad to play… :frowning:
Also can I order different kind of dpad for this model?
Thanx in advance guys

Your best bet is to probably just buy a new one. You might luck out for a decent price on Ebay/Craigslist for a good condition used if not a new one. You also should be on a lookout for any major tournament that Madcatz sponsors, as they usually have a sale or two going on.

IF you decide to try some DIY, I think plastic welding would be your best bet to fixing at least the dpad. The rubber behind it could possibly be fixed with some carefully applied rubber cement. All of it would require opening up the pad fully and having fun with a bit of hackery.

Looks like you have X360 version of the SD. Not sure if PS3 and X360 versions have the same “shell”, so I can’t tell you if you can just find a PS3 version on the cheap and simply swap PCBs if that was an option.

What you could also do is sell off the “broken” controller for a reasonable price for anyone who simply wants the PCB, and apply that to getting a new one.

Edit: Looks like Madcatz no longer sells FightPads through their store anymore. Amazon is limited in their X360 inventory. Hope you have a PS3 and/or PS3 version works on PC correctly.

Ahh thx for the reply xpulse.

Ebay and Cragislist have no spare parts and the DIY video I saw made me realize I can never do this on this small surface as the dpad although I will try it just for the fun of it.

I play SF Ultra and SFxT on PC, thus the Xbox controller, although I read on the forums the PS3 might actually work on pc also, but went for the already tested route on that purchase.

As for MadCatz just received their support mail:

And you guessed right, my pad is 2 years and 2 months old from Amazon. (Hurray!)

Since Xbox version is rare to find, a friend suggested to finally go for the stick route and just get the pcb from it and make a custom.

I have never done this and the idea seemed perfect but my major issue is where to get a descent quality and descent price stick housing case as well as a guide here on this forums, as I assume someone would have probably done this already.

What is really sad is that with only the dpad and rubber replacement parts I would have been happy and still playing… but are nowhere to be found to order even from a broken one

At this point any further suggestions are welcome

I’d tell you to use the PCB to be used in a stick or for Dualmod purposes.

If you really want to stick with a pad, there were still brawl pads on eBay the last time I checked.

The pcb in fight/brawl pads is nice to work with for stick building or dual modding, in any case. Your most economical option for a case would probably be watching the trading outlet here for one, or posting a wtb thread.

When I get back home I’ll check to see if I have any of those shells. Don’t know if I saved any or not.

Those fight pad pcbs are a dream to build a fight stick with

I recently padhacked a sf4 Madcatz pad I’ll check to see if I kept the shells…

Can someone direct me to a mod guide to make a stick out of it?
Since I cannot save it maybe Ill go down this route.
My main worry is the housing since I have no wood - plastic cut skills and prefer a ready one.
Please help me
Half a month of no street fighter and my life is so empty…

but you know that building a fightstick will cost you more then when you would just buy yourself a new controller?

So after a lot of plastic wielding and plastic glue and keeping it alive for another couple of months the dpad cracked again.
Does anyone know where I can order a new one as I am still not in the financial state to get a stick.
If anyone has an extra dpad that they sell at a descent price I can purchase and get it sent here in Greece as I am currently again unable to play.

Can’t you just buy a ps3 version of the pad, and replace your broken dpad with the dpad from the ps3 pad?