Madcatz side panels, can anyone help?


Hi guys im looking for the madcatz ‘s’ sidepanels to ship to u.k, but cant find them anywhere! can anyone help?

here they are as an example as to what im looking to purchase


It’s a palaver getting them to the UK, as MadCatz US won’t post abroad, or even let you pay with a UK card or PayPal account, and MadCatz UK won’t help. Or answer emails vaguely quickly. Or answer the question you asked, or even construct proper sentences, when they do. They are, basically, useless.

I had to send the money via Payapal to a friendly American, get them to buy the sides and have them posted to them, and then get them posted to me.

And then they didn’t fit properly (the smoke ones, at least, seem to bow outwards, leaving a gap at the corners).

Good luck! :slight_smile:


ok thanks for the info, i might just mod the current existing one’s i have, sand them down and spray them, i did message madcatz u.k and was hoping to hear something back, but i guess not, so much for making money? i see your using rose on AE, you on xbox live? add me ssmasters and ill giv u some rose mirrors


Try to contact @MarkMan to see if he can help.


Absolutely - I’m bad, and don’t play enough, but I’d be more than happy to take a beating in order to learn a few tricks! :slight_smile: