Madcatz Soul Calibur V ps3 on pc

Hi guys,

I found this arcade stick at a very interesting price, but I did not understand after a google search if it works on pc, because I read have problems with Nvidia systems and require usb 3.0.
My system:
Intel i5
ASRock z77 pro3
Win 7 64 bit.
8 gb ram.

I think it should work (no Nvidia and usb 3.0) but I’m a noob and I would feel safer with your expert advice. Thank you all, sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Tons of results at the link below verifying the Madcatz Soul Calibur V arcade stick works on PC

First link is “My stick is not working on my pc” , not very comforting, don’t you think? :slight_smile:
That’s why I asked

Only way to know for sure is to try it :stuck_out_tongue: the second way is for someone with that stick and the same motherboard as you, or just buy it and if it doesn’t work buy a cheap USB hub that it will work with, or a cheap PCB like the Zerodelay on Ebay for PS3/PC and change it with the one in the stick.

I’m playing on that stick for almost 2 years now on both PC and PS3 and it works flawlessly.
Only bummer is that it’s difficult to dual mod a PS3 stick to also work on XBox but the same works easy the other way around, so keep that in mind if you’re planning in that direction.

If you just wanna play on PS3 and/or PC though that stick is great even though remapping buttons is confusing on that thing since it uses a Soul Calibur layout.

You could just swap the wires to match standard layout.

And that post wasn’t even referring to the Soul Calibur V PS3 stick, they were referring to the 360 version.

Point being: If you have a technical question you need help with, we have no problem answering, but don’t ask a question that’s been answered a million times already (especially with a new topic)

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have no possibility to try it directly because the seller is far from me.
With all these doubts I think I give up buying and stay on my rotten mayflash… I was interested in stick SCV
because I’d spent less than modding it.

Frank, sorry for the new thread with an old question, this was my first.

There is no need to test. Both versions of the stick (PS3/360) work fine on PC.

I’m unsure where your doubts are coming from. It’s a great stick to own and it’s easy to customize. It’s also much better than the Mayflash v1 or v2 in all fashions.

Not a big issue. We are here to help. Just put aside a bit of time to do research beforehand. 90% of new topics on SRK TT are questions that have been answered already here on SRK and elsewhere on the internet.
In this case, you could have just read google results, read the [What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting](What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting sticky thread and then at last resort posted in the [Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!) sticky thread. The sticky threads are there for a reason.

The only TE sticks that had issues reading on certain PC chipsets were the early versions of the PS3 TE sticks. Also a USB hub will not help a PC read a stick that it couldn’t normally read. Only a USB PCI card would help.

Thank you Frank, then I’ll close the deal :slight_smile: