Madcatz Standard Edition Fightstick Modding?

Hello SRK!
Ive recently gained interest in Fightsticks.

I was thinking of buying this,, And swapping the buttons out for Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons and stick.

I was also thinking of changing the artwork to a custom Noel Vermillion artwork.

So as a newb at this kind of stuff, would it be in my best interest to purchase this Fightstick?

Is there a guide on changing artwork for this fightstick?

Also! Is there a Type B template for the artwork?

Thanks!! :smiley:

Edit: I also found this fightstick for under 100$ On ebay. Is it reliable to buy off ebay?

That $100 budget will probably be eaten up by the Sanwa and Seimitsu parts.

You can cheap out and get a glossy Kinko’s Lamilable that will probably look okay for about $25
But I always suggest you go with adhesive polycarbonate panel, which will run you about $40.

What is Type B?
The BlazBlue by NeoBlood you saw made for HRAP and TE?

i think he means the button layout templates that d3v made a while back for BB for the TE’s

you can reuse the vectors on there for the desired effect on your SE

d3v used NeoBlood.
NeoBlood made.

Thanks for the Link! And yeah Type B is the button layout :smiley: