Madcatz Stick Difference


Right now they are running an evo deal for these 2 sticks:

SOULCALIBUR V Arcade FightStick SOUL Edition
TEKKEN™ TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick™ Tournament Edition S+

I can’t tell what the difference is from reading reviews and product description. What is that extra $20 going to get me?


They’re both full Sanwa with noir layout, but the SC one has a specific layout for that game. You could change it in button config tho for whatever you’re playing. TTT2 stick also comes with different art panel you can swap out and looks like it has padding on the bottom to help with grip.

That’s basically it, whether those things are worth the extra change for you is a matter of preference. Other than that they’re basically the same.


Thank you.


The SCV stick features a translucent case, a unique bezel with “sword-like” shapes, and translucent sides… One red, the other blue.

The TTT2 stick features a black case, a standard, but translucent green bezel and sides (blue for the PS3 version), a foam pad on the bottom plate, a “Femme Fatale” inspired overlay featuring the ladies of Tekken, and a Hex wrench to remove the panel bolts and install the optional overlay. The overlay is nice, but I’m disappointed in the way MCZ chose to apply the overlay. If it was made to actually fit underneath the buttons’ edges instead of around them, it might be better, but alas, I guess they didn’t want people taking half of the stick apart to do so,

The TTT2 stick has the main buttons (ABXY) clustered together on the left, the SCV has X as the first bottom button, with X, Y, and B running across the top row. This is the layout preferred by Namco for SCV, and is also the layout used in other licensed game sticks like DOA 5.

As mentioned, both feature Namco’s “Noir” layout, and the SCV can be rewired if you prefer the clustered layout, although it obviously won’t match the graphics on the art. You can always customize that as well.

I have both, and like them both, although I prefer to use the TTT2 myself. Considering that the TTT2 has some nice additional features and is available at a bigger discount ($60 off), I’d spring the extra $20. Oh, keep in mind that standard shipping will run you about $20 as well.