Madcatz stick help (Solved, Thank you so much)

I have had the Madcatz SE stick for a month now, and one day the joystick inputs stopped working. I knew that the SE stick had crappy components so i ordered sanwa parts. When I installed the joystick, i had the same problem. When i check the inputs of the joystick on my pc, the X and Y axis don’t move but the Z-axis and the Z-rotation moves and all the buttons work. I have looked inside plenty of times to check that nothing is lose. I don’t understand what’s wrong with it, could it be the USB?

Please help me if you can

Thanks Zack

Make sure the switch at the top is set to ‘DP’ if it isn’t already done so.

Check the wiring on the joystick harness - it may be upside down or some pins may be loose. Also check the SE motherboard.

thanks for the advice, i have checked the wiring on the joystick and its in correctly. Can you please explain how i can check the motherboard? Thanks

So some directions work and others don’t? I don’t have any experience with the SE, but if it isn’t a wiring problem (which is most likely is) then start checking the traces on the mobo. You could have a bad wire and not know it, you would need to check them with a multimeter.

OMG! thank you so much for this comment, switching to “DP” made my stick work again. I feel so stupid… I was having exactly the same problem.
You just saved me 140 euro’s on buying a new TE stick. Thanks!

If this problem only started after you installed the JLF, then something has clearly gone wrong.

Check that the harness end plugged into the motherboard is secure - you may need a multimeter for this if you have one to hand. You can also try replacing the wire harness or trying a different joystick to see if that makes a difference.

But seeing as you’ve only had it for a month, might want to apply for a replacement or refund, but make sure you put all the original parts back in first.

woow i am so silly, that DP thing fixed my stick aswell, i feel like i should slap my self, THANK YOU SO MUCH you guys are awesome I love srk

Great to hear it fixed yours as well. What was Madcatz thinking of putting that button on there?! It’s the most useless button ever probably, as well as the Turbo button.


Unless you want to use the stick to play Bioshock or Katamari with autofire.

How would you do that with one stick?

Anyway, you could user it to switch between “Free Movement” and “Battle Movement” in Tekken 6’s scenario mode.

Dexterity - constantly flipping the switch between ‘LS’ and ‘RS’.

Like a dj at a mixing desk.

That’s a fresh mix there, DJ Complicate Things. :wgrin: