Madcatz stick help

Good evening, I was playing street fighting 4 tonight and I realized both my LT/RT buttons stopped worked (Have the SE fightstick). They were working fine since i’ve own the stick, anyone have a guide to opening the box up n seeing if it’s disconnected or should I just return it and got my money back.

Last night a game store that I frequent had the first SFIV tourney and I talked to a LOT of people about random sticks/gaming pads for SFIV.


Mad Catz anything is crap. Get your money back and check out a site recommended to me by multiple people there:

Apparently the sticks are custom made to your specifications and are VERY high quality. I have yet to check it out myself but I saw people playing on one such stick and the thing looked like a tank. =)

With the prices they’ve been selling for to individuals, I wouldn’t return it, you’re likely to find someone willing to pay over retail even with two non-functioning buttons, especially since a fair number of people are swapping in six sanwas and plugging two of the holes…

FailCatz strike once again.

Something needs to be done about this level of poor quality from these products.

Jr95, DO NOT OPEN YOUR STICK, unless you are 100% sure you want it for life/don’t mind selling a broken product on eBay (which sucks).

Your warranty is still valid so please use it.

FailCatz would love us all to be opening our sticks (as shown in countless videos from their reps) just to save them extra costs of repair and refunds.

Keep your rights and get a refund/replacement.

For example, my xbox360 RROD’d on me last week, but I used the warranty and had Microflops bear the brunt of the costs of repairing it. I’ll get a decent machine back tomorrow at no expence to myself. But if I had opened up my console, I’d be screwed, with no rights and 100+ repair bill.

Use your warranty bro.